AfriMusic Song Contest releases list of finalists

AfriMusic Song Contest, a competition for established and aspiring song writers in Africa which is meant to provide African songwriters exposure, has released the list of its finalists.

The National Selection’s public votes reveal that artists from Côte d’Ivoire combined had the maximum number of public votes with 717 849 votes, followed by 592 032 votes from Nigeria and 591 656 votes from Cameroon.

The entrants for the first edition of the contest, have branded the AfriMusic Song Contest as Africa’s most thrilling and up and coming music competition platform. There is no doubt that Africa’s songwriters and artists will make their mark abroad.

A successful national selections phase saw countries like South Africa with 14 songs going head-to-head, Cameroon followed suit with 11 songs and Gabon with 7 songs. Overall, we saw 19 countries compete in the National Selections and all 19 will go through to the finals. Botswana; Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Republic of the Congo, Côte D’Ivoire; Egypt; Ethiopia; Gabon; Ghana; Guinea; Mozambique; Nigeria; South Africa; South Sudan; Swaziland; Tanzania and Zimbabwe have made Africa proud and their artists and songwriters are taking our music industry to the next level.

“We have been very pleased with the results from the National Selections and are very excited to see how the finals will turn out and which country will take the title of the best song in Africa. Being able to introduce such amazing talent to the rest of the world is ultimately our goal. It is now Africa’s turn to shine and cement songwriting in the music industry” said Michelle Fernandes, Project Director for the AfriMusic Song Contest.

The grand finale is running from the 15th March 2018 to the 29th March 2018 on digital platforms. You will be able to find the links to the voting on

The public will have the opportunity again to vote for the overall favourite song and their votes will contribute 50% towards the final score. There is a panel of judges that will also vote and their votes will contribute towards 50% of the final score. The winner of the overall AfriMusic Song Contest will be announced on the 30th March 2018.

This song contest is an integration of musical styles, cultures and ethnic groups that reflect the diversity and varying styles within the African continent.

Similar in format to the Eurovision Song Contest, it is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the best songwriters in Africa.

The finalists from each country representing the best song in their country in the finals are:


COUNTRY                                       ARTIST                                 SONG

Botswana                                            Feine                                       Coloured Skin


Cameroon                                            Ingrid White                           Stop


Central African Republic                                Hybrid                                     Wali Ti Mbi


Chad                                                   Stev’N-T                                 Sincérité


Democratic Republic of the Congo    Litho Ngonga                          Africa


Republic of the Congo                                    Emma Feron                            Peine Et Tristesse


Côte D’Ivoire                                      CCI Studio Orchestra             Just En Peu


Egypt                                                  Nadya Shanab                         In A Fit of Remorse


Ethiopia                                               Pamfalon                                 Almeshem


Gabon                                                 S.A.N                                      Saint Graal


Ghana                                                  Erastus                                    Together


Guinea                                                 Exploss                                                Courbé Courbé


Mozambique                                       JayCudz                                  Mon Amour


Nigeria                                                Amawhe Earl J.                                   Jesu Me Yo We


South Africa                                       Kylie Unsworth                                  Secondhand Narcotics


South Sudan                                       Samse Sam                              Party Time


Swaziland                                           Symphony                               Sengikhona


Tanzania                                              Zamangwa                              Africa Let Us Celebrate


Zimbabwe                                           Nina Watson                           Close to Me

By: Kwame Dadzie/


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