Jessie Addo-Okyere ‘cooks jollof with Jesus’ in book

Ghanaian author, Jessie Addo-Okyere, launched her first book ‘Cooking Jollof with Jesus’ in Ghana on February 18, 2018, after a successful launch in the United Kingdom.

The launch was held at Osu Presby Hall, with Jeffery Mingle, leading the entire guest with a word of prayer.

The author later took stage to introduce her new book to the audience and also throw more light on why it important to be ‘Cooking Jollof with Jesus.’

She disclosed that she started writing the book in the UK some time last year and it only took her few months to put together such an inspiring book.

Author Ralph Antwi, a renowned writer with over 50 best-selling books officially launched the new book which is expected to make lot of impact in the lives of readers.

The book, titled ‘Cooking Jollof with Jesus’ takes the reader on an interesting journey to build an enviable intimacy with God.

Jessie was supported by her mom and Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Addo-Okyere, together with her siblings Michael Addo-Okyere, Paul Addo-Okyere and Susana Addo-Okyere.

Other guests who graced the launch were Mr. Patrick Bobie, Author Ralph Antwi, Rev. CB Ahwireng, members and stewards of Rain Foundations, just to mention but few.

After reading ‘Cooking Jollof With Jesus,’ your relationship with God and how you can interact with the Holy Spirit for guidance in everything you do should be renewed.

Basically it teaches about your relationship with God and it will also help develop your Christian life, stay focused in areas that are more important.



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