How creative artists can access $ 1m Zylofon Arts Fund

About two weeks ago, entertainment company Zylofon Media, launched a $ 1 million fund for the creative sector.

The Zylofon Arts Fund was created to help creative artists who are not financially resourced to embark on their projects.

According Zylofon Media, a lot of proposals have already come in and a 5-member administrative board is reviewing them for consideration.

Creative artistes who want to access the Zylofon Arts Fund should send proposals to the Zylofon Media headquarters in East Legon, Lagos Avenue opposite Mensvic Hotel in Accra.

Here’s what to do to access the fund:


The fund will cover a wide spectrum of which include film (documentary, movie producers, set designers), music ( drummers, sound engineers, song writers/composers, instrumentalists, performers), theatre arts (stage managers), dance, visual arts, tourism writers and bloggers, architects, artisans (hairdressers, painters, craftsmen, sculptors, weavers, make-up artists), fashion designers and dressmakers, jewelry, publishers eligibility criteria open all well – meaning Ghanaians in the arts industry.

Basic Information Required

  1. Full Applicant name
    Full applicant address including Ghanapost GPS address (office or house
    3. Creative Art industry category (e.g. Food, fashion, comedy, etc)
    4. Country
    5. Region (if project location and address is in Ghana)
    6. Contact phone numbers
    7. Contact email address
    8. Amount requested
    9. Project brief (one paragraph)

Documentation and Information Required

  1. Project scope details review
    Project financials – Previous spend and projected spend/budget
    3. Historic performance review – Proof of revenue where applicable?
  2. Talent/creativity confirmation – This will include sampling of product or
    service (demo CD, script review, artwork analysis, food tasting etc)
  3. Potential impact/Benefit to society

Final Application Phase

  1. Verification of information provided by phone, email, site visits and meeting
  2. Project defense by owner or management (At office or by phone)
  3. BOD members final review and recommendation for success and evaluation
  4. BOD sign off with a brief justification for authorizing of fund release.

Board Guidelines

  1. BOD members and family (spouses, parent, brothers and sisters) are not
    allowed to access the funds
  2. Board meetings shall be held once every 2 weeks
  3. After a project has progressed through all phases of the review process, the
    BOD will vote to approve funding.
  4. A majority vote is required to pass for funding.
  5. All BOD members must sign off on all project after final phase review has
    been completed.
  6. BOD members must meet approved project lead at least once before funds
    can be disbursed
  7. All application must be acknowledged in writing via email confirming receipt
  8. BOD must process and respond to “ALL” received application no later than 1
    calendar month with decision either positive or not.
  9. BOD must endeavor to select project across all creative art sectors, all
    regions and the diaspora
  10. Special priority must be given to projects that promote Ghana’s creative art

By: Kwame Dadzie/


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