What’s Up: an online series about today’s youth

As technology makes lives easier, people on the daily basis discover new ways of making technology affect their fields of endeavour.

A new movie series called ‘What’s Up,’ written, directed and produced by Horla Manuvor Jnr., is about taking movie lovers by storm.

‘What’s Up’ follows the daily lives of six young adults, and how they met each other through social media. This series is heavily driven by a youthful production to address the city lifestyle of today’s youth.

From culture, talents, education, music to fashion, one can never cease to imagine the plethora of life’s twists and turns faced by the youth of today.

‘What’s Up’ series is launching its third season this January, with a current, online presence of over 3300 subscribers, and like every other great start-up, it needs the support of many, you inclusive, to make its success even bigger.

Here are some reasons that make What’s Up online series worthy of your support:

  1. It is run by visionary youth to pioneer a new wind of thrilling entertainment online.
  2. It is run by Ghanaian youth who depict the real situations on the ground.
  3. You can be rest assured of the humour and nostalgia relating to city lifestyle.
  4. A production team that is relentless and has risen above the odds.
  5. It is totally free and available on YouTube for all, and open to recommendations and feedback from its viewers.
  6. The series highlights the youth’s acceptance of social media and how relationships are built through online acquaintances.

Follow this series on the following platforms; Instagram: @_whatsuponline Twitter: @_whatsuponline Facebook: WHAT’S UP WEB SERIES

Also kindly like, share, comment on our YouTube channel, and spread the news to cause this great mission by youthful Ghanaians to flourish. If it is a series, you are watching in 2018, it surely has to be What’s Up.

Source: Frederick Nii Ofei Bruce


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