National Theatre launches 25th anniversary celebration

The National Theatre has launched its 25th anniversary today at the foyer of its premises in Accra.

The anniversary celebration will start on 30th December, 2017 and according to the Executive Director of the theatre, Amy Appiah-Frimpong, it will comprise a lot of activities.

“We will have three major performances representing the areas of dance, music and drama. The first one will be a musical on ‘Marriage of Anansewa’ and our target is also to travel with it to Nigeria. Then we have Agoro in June and that will be a dance drama production in partnership with the University of Ohio,” she said.

She added that the third performance in November 2018 that will feature the internationally acclaimed Baritone from the Czech Republic.

According to Ms Frimpong, the National Theatre goes beyond its physical structure of hosting arts and cultural programmes.

Amy Appiah Frimpong – Executive Director, National Theatre

She stated in the theatre has a programmes department that churns out content. In the wake of this, the theatre will be taking their performances to non-traditional theatre spaces like churches, schools and markets.

The National Theatre also launched its new website which allows for E-booking and E-ticketing. This is a system that will make it possible for people to book for event space or purchase tickets via online.

The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku, who was present at the programme commended the staff of the theatre for a good job done and urged them to unearth new talents.

“I admonish you to unearth more talents, local productions in local dialects. The National Theatre, I trust, will take up this challenge will continue to work hard to achieve its target,” she said.

Finally, she urged all and sundry to patronise the theatre and its activities.

About National Theatre

The National Theatre, opened in 1992 was built by the Chinese and offered as a gift to Ghana. The theatre is governed by the National Theatre Law 1991, PNDC Law 259.

It has a building area of 11,896 square metres (128,050 square feet), and is sited near the junction of the Independence Avenue and Liberia Road. The building has a complicated construction moulding and novel exterior features. When looked at from a distance, the whole structure looks like a gigantic ship or a seagull spreading its wings.

The building houses the three resident companies of the National Dance Company, the National Symphony Orchestra, and the National Theatre Players.

By: Kwame Dadzie/




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