Ghud Music – credible platform for music database

The Ghanaian music industry has over the years, undergone various transitions from traditional high life, contemporary highlife, hiplife, to afrobeat.

As the nation grows, so does its music and how it represents our culture and rhythms across the Globe.

However Ghanaian music is lagging behind in terms of music marketability and data for effective record keeping and analysis.

Many talents have passed through time without due recognition or reward for their hard work and contributions, home or abroad, because of this gap.

As it is said, wherever there is a problem there must be a solution. And one of such, the first and most brilliant of ideas to cater for the welfare for the Ghanaian musician, producers and/or managers, has finally been created – GhudMusic.

GhudMusic was discovered at this year’s Mobex africa ICT expo held on the 16th and 17th of October at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City in Accra.

Ghudmusic seeks to build a credible database out of all songs released, by tracking downloads and real time airplay in order to create a chart upon which various methods of recognition can derive their data to grant fair and due recognition to deserving talents.

Business wise, it is also just what the industry needs to draw in investors.

Source: Kenneth Owusu – Akyaw


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