National Theatre to buy new ACs – Deputy Director

Following agitations by stakeholders of the entertainment industry over the malfunctioning air conditioners at the National Theatre, the authorities have made plans to solve the problem.

In an exclusive interview with Citi Showbiz, with the Deputy Executive Director of the National Theatre, Tawfik Prah, said the authorities were going to buy some mobile air conditioners to augment the faulty ones.

“Admittedly, the theatre itself has the air conditioning system in place but we just need to augment it so that we can stay in our best capacity for any of the programmes that come our way. So in the interim, we trying to procure 10 horsepower mobile air conditioners in order to augment what we have,” he said.

His claim was corroborated by Socrate Safo, the Director of Programmes and Projects at the National Commission on Culture, a body that has supervisory role over activities of the theatre.

Socrate Safo – Director of Programmes & Projects, NCC

According to Socrate, the challenge at the National Theatre is technical and requires the expertise of the Chinese who built the theatre in 1992.

He explained that the Chinese engineers had come to inspect the National Theatre for renovation and are expected to return to carry out further assessment of the entire facility before the renovation takes place.

The renovation is supposed to fix the electrical system, the air conditioners, among others at the National Theatre; an exercise that will call for the closure of the theatre for some time.

National Theatre of Ghana

Even though Socrate was not sure about when the renovation will be done, he advised that event organisers who patronise the facility should adhere to their regulations.

He said most event organizers usually leave the doors open and that reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioners.

“The best thing to do is to educate organizers who rent the place so that they know how to help maintain the theatre. When they open the doors, it affects the air conditioning system,” he said.

Earlier, Amy Appiah Frimpong, the Executive Director of the National Theatre had told Citi Showbiz that the air conditioners work below capacity.

Amy Appiah Frimpong – Executive Director, National Theatre

According to her when the air-cons were renovated they were fixed to a capacity of about 75%.

“We’ve talked about this for a couple of months now and it’s the same issue. When the air-conditioning system was replaced, they put it lower capacity air conditioners,” she had said.

The National Theatre has come under serious criticism for the unbearable heat in the auditorium brought about by the low-capacity air conditioners.

By: Kwame Dadzie/


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