I’ll kill myself if you don’t reply my messages – fan to Yvonne Nelson

A fan of actress Yvonne Nelson threatened to kill himself if the actress failed to reply the messages he sent to her on social media.

The fan whose comments and messages he claims have been ignored by Yvonne several times indicated in a message he sent to Yvonne via Instagram that he wouldn’t mind cleaning the actress’ house for free.

According to him, he has so much love and admiration for Yvonne Nelson that if she continued to ignore him, he would kill himself.

Read the message he sent to Yvonne (which was shared by Yvonne on her IG page) below:

“Dear Yvonne Nelson,

I’m literally biggest fan of you and never have got a response, follow back or attention. What kinda love is that? I’ve been a birth fan

I always RT your tweets, like your IG posts and make comments on it but still no sign of love. My parents don’t have TV but I sneak to town to watch Heals & Sneakers every Saturday, push trucks, sell bread in the streets just to get money to buy credit so I can download and watch your movies on youtube.

I don’t know what to do again to show how much I love you. Everything about me is for you. My handles, name, password and my wallpaper. Please Yvonne I want to meet you, hug you and snap pics with you. Please do something before I give up. You can employ me to clean your house and I’ll definitely do it for free because waking up to see your face will bring me much joy and happiness in my life.

I don’t want nothing from you but pure love. Please Yvonne, love me like I do love you. Please let the whole world know how much I love you. I’ll kill myself if I don’t hear from you today.”

Want the world to know🙏🏽I love you 😍@theynnels ❤️ I'm right here… DM your no.

A post shared by Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh) on

Yvonne replied his message thus: “Want the world to know🙏🏽I love you 😍@theynnels ❤️ I’m right here… DM your no.”

The fan later posted: OMG… “i can’t believe it…My Queen
@yvonnenelsongh just posted me. Awwww…my dreams come true…thanks to God for an answered prayers.”

By: Kwame Dadzie/citifmonline.com/Ghana




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