Ghana’s Most Beautiful Volta Rep – a stolen verdict? [Article]

Patrons of TV 3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful beauty pageant in the Volta Region were enraged when their favourite contestants that qualified for finals in the preliminaries were conspicuously missing in the final list.

Organisers earlier presented three young ladies; Seyram ,Dede and Aku who they claimed were the top three that needed to be further shortlisted to get a representative for the region. Public views were solicited on social media and responses were encouraging.

While the people busily campaigned for their favourites to make it to the final list, the organisers out of the blue, purportedly doled out the position to an ‘evictee.’

This created doubts about the fairness of the selection process and got the credibility of the entire contest up for questions.

Legitimate questions were asked by many with one of the outstanding questions being the decision to seemly impose a “non-bidder” on the people of a region which has over the years featured as one of the well performing regions in the keen contest.

Critics were of the view it was a deliberate efforts to shortchange the region ahead of the main the contest. What is however striking is the apparent silence from the organisers.

The Ghana Most Beautiful pageant has since its inception, besides the entertaining activities, fostered socio-cultural relationship amongst communities in the country and promoted harmonious existence.

The ongoing misgivings over the contest apart from the shocks are insult to the senses of the people of the Volta Region.

Notwithstanding the public outcry, organisers have decided to keep quiet and live in denial.

From the vineyards, we gathered claims that the three finalists couldn’t make it through the medical examinations.

If those claims are anything to go by, then questions that beg for answers are;

  1. Why the decision to present the three to the public without concluding the process?
  2. Granted that the three are not medically fit, why the decision to present Edem among the other ‘evictees’?
  3. Has information on the selection process made known to fans and other contestants?
  4. And finally, were all the 10 shortlisted contestants picked from the Volta regional audition?

In finding answers to the uncertainties, my itching ears gathered few things about the entire selection process at the preliminaries.

Last month, auditions were held across the various regions to scout for young talented ladies to represent the each 10 regions.

The Volta regional audition was held at the Stevens Hotel in Ho, thousands of young ladies drawn from the corners of the region participated.

At the end of an energised screening, 6 ladies were picked from the lot.

The Six (6) lucky ladies were Dzigbordi, Seyram, Edem, Fafa, Esenam and Sefakor

The link below was a post by organisers announcing the 6 finalists from the Volta region.

What later became unclear was the inclusion of four other ladies who weren’t part of the auditions in Ho. Two of those addendum ( Aku and Dede) eventually made it to the final three together with Seyram( one of the Ho finalists).

Below is the link by organisers announcing the final three for the region:

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the sudden U-turn by the organisers to pick an evictee (Edem) as the region’s best bet.

Reasons we gathered was that, none of the three finalists could pass the medical examinations hence the decision by the TV3 to go back and pick an ‘evictee’ from the shortlisted 6.

Granted that medical examinations and psychological tests are critical in such contests and results remain confidential, what baffles me however was the failure of the organisers to have conducted these examinations before the declaration of the trio.

The failure to conclude the process before the declaration, created an unnecessary hatred for Edem and a bad press for her to a large extent.

Sadly, the silence on the part of TV3 didn’t help issues; when you refuse to do anything in the face of crisis, you give room for people to help themselves in whatever way they think they can.

Undoubtedly, those that are unaware of these irregularities immediately concluded a case of imposition and a scheme to shortchange the Volta brand.

But whatever may be the case, I don’t think it would be expedient to turn our back on the Volta brand.

Christine Edem Tsekuma could have been part of the final three if TV3 didn’t adulterate the Ho list.

My qualm over the adulteration is that, we have had instances where contestants picked for the region were not fluent in the major language (Ewe) although they bore local names.

Language is a vehicle that transports culture and values of a society. If an ambassador of a particular society, cannot speak the language of his or her people then the objectives of his or her ambassadorial role is defeated.

Edem is a daughter of the land; she hails from Anfoeta in the Ho West District and spent several years in Ho schooling, including her Secondary education; EPC Mawuko girls.

In deed our elders say that a child’s fingers should not be left scalded by a hot yam that his unconscious mother puts in his palm. Organisers may have their shortfalls but we cannot allow our own to suffer the wrongs of others.

Indeed a priest who evoked a storm on his people cannot prevent his house from destruction. Allowing our grievances to fester would only spoil our chances of presenting to the world our unique values and beliefs.

The Volta Region is a microcosm of Ghana; having representation of almost all the major ethnic groups. We take pride in our culture dexterity, our women are beautiful inside out; they are homemakers and a toast for many men.

This is a perfect moment to show the world, our resolve to promote our culture irrespective of what is thrown at us.

Let us not be that man who burns his house, only to realise the fortunes he lost to the ashes.

Edem, I am sure is above suspicion and may be traumatised by the level rejections she is receiving from people she is out there to represent.  She might be going through trying moments now and this when we need to extend our loving hands and hearts and hold her close; she needs that warmth.

The best revenge we can give as people from the region is to throw our support behind Edem and ensure she gets the crown, provided she performs satisfactorily.

Let us not be seen subverting the works of providence; some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are too bright; they are meant to fly!

Edem is that bird; let’s encourage her to fly!

Edem, the world is your oyster, go get it; go for the crown.

By: King Norbet Akpablie/



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