Joyce Blessing’s ingratitude to the Midas Touch [Article]

Once upon a time, there lived a young lady who was blessed with the talent of singing. She made good music, sung and performed to the relish of music lovers.

People who had seen her perform at churches and other social functions believed she could become a big star given the necessary push – but who was there to help? After releasing two albums on her own, she could still not hit the limelight. Her songs were ‘underground’ until eureka! She met a ‘devil.’

Yes, a devil! (pardon my sarcasm)

In one of her producer-hunting expeditions, she met one of the successful music producers on Facebook. She sent him a private message and requested that he invested in her music career. Eventually, this man became her executive music producer and manager.

They started working and in no time, this talented musician became a household name in the gospel music industry in the country. The producer helped her to produce and promote two strong albums; one major album and a collection of worship songs. And oh, she won awards too.

Things fell apart few years later, and the sad news is that this musician is depriving the producer of appreciation.

This is the story of gospel songstress Joyce Blessing and Chief Executive Officer of Media Excel, Kwesi Ernest Ennin.

The parting

It is no crime for work partners to sever relationships. Even married people get divorced when need be. So no one is obliged to get stuck to one music producer for the rest of their life.

When I heard that Joyce Blessing was no more under the management of Media Excel headed by Kwesi Ernest, I was not worried because I knew it was a normal life phenomenon. Joyce Blessing had explained that it was Kwasi Ernest who decided not to work with her again.

Whatever caused this remains a mystery as of now since both Kwasi Ernest and Joyce Blessing have decided not to let the cat out of the bag.

…and Kwasi Ernest cried

After Joyce Blessing had found her way out of Media Excel, Kwasi Ernest came out to say musicians are ungrateful and he really cried. I mean streams of tears flowed from his eyes. He cried like a baby. The supposed ungratefulness of the people involved may have really pinched him hard.

Kwasi Ernest – CEO, Media Excel

Joyce Blessing’s ungratefulness

When this issue first came up, I was one of the people who did not want to say Joyce was ungrateful to Kwasi Ernest because I had no reason to say that. I could not make that conclusion from a mere assumption.

Then Joyce Blessing was interviewed on Delay’s show.

Hot interview!

Give-and-take interview!

After watching the interview, it occurred to me that Joyce has not been grateful to Kwasi Ernest. Even when the host pointed out how Kwasi took her from the doldrums and made her a music star, she was insistent of the fact that her hard work also helped push her to where she is now.

Somebody produces you, buys you a car, gets you a house, works hard to create the right links and platforms for your craft, take you to driving school – and you feel too uncomfortable to give him that credit.

What got me peeved than the ‘bereaved’ would was where in the interview she said “driving school deɛ ahe aa?” – meaning driving school doesn’t cost so much.


So why did she not do it by herself if she could?

Whoever is close to Joyce should tell her that her posture on the Delay show smacked of first-degree arrogance tinged with ingratitude. I don’t know what has happened between the two that makes Joyce sound so embittered. That notwithstanding, it was just prudent for her just to have acknowledged that Kwasi picked her from the ‘gutters’ via Facebook; when she had released two albums that were hidden in the deepest part of the ‘underground’ world.

Giving Kwasi Ernest the credit for making her a star will not change her current album from ‘agye bum’ to ‘agye dum.’

Even if she felt cheated by Kwasi at a point, she still could not have glossed over that ‘miracle of salvation’ that was granted her by Kwasi Ernest in 2013. Even if his contribution was as insignificant as 10%, it was that paltry 10% that propelled her into the limelight.

Warding off prospective music producers

Sometimes, attitudes like this discourage people from investing in the music industry. Already, most people feel unwilling to produce music. A lot of the music producers in the country have abandoned music for other businesses. Kwasi Ernest is one of the very few we have left – a hard working producer and manager at that.

I am very happy that Joyce Blessing has been signed on to one of the biggest (if not the biggest) entertainment companies in Ghana at the moment: Zylofon Music. But Zylofon Music cannot sign on every artiste in Ghana. Other people need to come on board – a reason we need to encourage more people to invest in the music industry.

Watch your tongue, Joyce

I like Joyce Blessing. My wife likes her more than I do and even wanted her to come perform at our wedding. In fact, I have heard many people say she bears greater resemblance to my wife. Joyce is an awesome talent. She is my favourite gospel performer at the moment.

However, I advise her to be very tactical about how she goes about the Kwasi Ernest issue.

Joyce Blessing

Need for mediation

My assessment and underground investigations of the matter suggest that there is more to this issue. The clergy and stakeholders in the arts should step in and get whatever ulterior matters there are between Joyce and Kwasi, resolved.

The world is in cycles!

By: Kwame Dadzie/



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