Yvonne Nelson fires back at Mimi Andani

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has fired shots at Mimi Andani, the organiser of the Golden Movie Awards Africa, few months after the former had attributed the woes of the movie industry to the emergence of actors-turned-producers.

Yvonne Nelson who vented her spleen on her twitter handle few hours after the award ceremony on 22nd July, 2017, was disappointed in the fact that people in the movie industry were more interested in slaying on red carpets than putting in the “same energy to bring back the dead industry…”

The actress also made allusions to musician and former Big Brother African housemate, Mimi Andani who is now the Director of the Golden Movie Awards Africa (GMAA), about a statement she made in an interview in May, 2017, blaming the falling standards of the Ghanaian movie industry on actors/actresses who had turned producers.

Mimi Andani – Director of GMAA

“The reason why people say its [industry is] suffering is because of the independent productions. Production houses have stopped producing because, actresses have the money and they can just pick a camera and shoot so it’s like if I don’t produce, then I don’t act because the production house who are supposed to be employing the actors, are not producing because, actors and actresses are competing with them,” the musician-turned-organiser told Doreen Avio Joy News’ in an interview.

“Now this is the defence of the actresses, they are also saying that, they get to a point in their lives and they want to be a production house. For example, YN Productions, even though the figure is Yvonne Nelson, it says YN Productions meaning, it’s a production house so what do you do with a situation like that?” Mimi asked.

In her response to all that Mimi had said in May about actors and actresses turned producers, Yvonne Nelson wrote: “My neighbour was so concerned when the organizer slammed actors turned producers in an interview…. couldn’t believe all she said.”

“A reality star…turned musician…..turned designer…..turned event organizer!!! Well she’s doing something with her life,” she added.

She further went ahead to tweet that she was “waiting for the day there’s no production to nominate since that has skipped them!”

According to the beautiful actress, the industry has so lost its way and they can’t even see it, they all going in that direction, dressing up to be posted on SM.

By: Kwame Dadzie/citifmonline.com/Ghana


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