Too much hate in the music industry – Dagaow

Felix Lambert known in music circles as Dagaow has appalled the seemingly hate among people in the music industry.

In an interview with Citi Showbiz, he said some musicians especially the top artistes pretend they have a good heart for others but behind the scenes they scheme to ward off competition.

“It is funny especially among and between the A- LIST artistes and the unpopular acts. Although it is very good for us to be competitive, we always forget that, ‘together we stand, divided we fall’ and you will always fall alone when you are up there alone,” he said.

He said selfishness and greed has been the order of the day. A musician will choose rather die than to create that link for his fellow musician to excel.

“When we are back stage, it is different thing all together. We come on stage, we jump and hug each other but inwardly it`s hate. It always looks like competing with people from different planet, everybody will be at his or her corner trying to show flex to his or her colleague artistes. Talk to an artiste back stage and they will behave like they have never met or seen you before, even if you don’t know me, the mere fact of me trying to socialise with you should only tell you to be nice to me or give me some positive response,” Dagaow added.

He said during one of his international performances in U.K. it was amazing how artistes related to each other back stage. After an artiste was done performing and came back stage, all the artistes would go to him to congratulate him.

The musician who trained as a journalist further stated that some of the established acts don’t want to associate or have anything to do with the unpopular artistes.

“When an A-LIST artiste is on stage performing, he would want to perform all of his songs not considering an opportunity to some of the unpopular ones to shine. Meanwhile, these big artistes have been on that platform on several occasions and might not need that particular stage for anything. It is our wish to see some of these big acts come to us and encourage or motivate us that we are on the right course but it is never so in this industry,” he noted.

Dagaow is currently out with his latest banger ‘Check Point’ and features Zeal of VVIP fame. Produced by Ronnie, ‘Check Point’ is an Afro-pop tune gaining rotation on the airwaves.

Dagaow has been in the industry for the past ten years hence, he is always on top of whatever he does as far as music is concerned.

Watch ‘Check Point’ video below:

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