MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Let Me Go’ by Dela


Song: Let Me Go

Artiste: Dela

Producer: Richie

Author: Kwame Dadzie

Introduction: Love gives people a lot of experiences, so does it give them stories – stories of joy, pain and disappointment.

Dela, one of Ghana’s finest female singers is out with a new single that talks about tepid love relationships.

Instrumentation and Production: ‘Let Me Go’ is a beautiful song done in R&B vein. The song done in Key B Flat Minor was produced by Richie of Lynx Entertainment fame.

It employs some stimulating piano and guitar works in a mellow tempo that allows one to cogitate on the message in the song.

Song Arrangement:  ‘Let Me Go’ starts with piano intro. Dela comes in to sing the first verse: “when the sun goes up all I want is to see your face, but it’s a shame, you don’t feel this way.” Then comes the chorus. The second verse talks about things that don’t go well in her relationship and how she wants to end them before they worsen. The chorus comes again and music plays till fade.

Vocal delivery: Dela displays real vocal astuteness on ‘Let Me Go.’ She has command over her voice with the right pitches. With a song like this that has a lot of minor notes anyone that delivers on them well deserves some plaudits.

Message: The song is about a lover who is asking her partner to let her go if he knows he’s no longer interested in her.

This is a typical issue in most relationships. People keep lovers when they know the love they have for them has waned yet they portray everything is fine and would want to conceal the ills.

Morale: There are a lot of people who have played the ostrich in relationships and are not facing pains and hurt.

Sometimes while dating, they realise they cannot marry their partners but because they don’t want to hurt them at that moment or because of financial benefits, they stay.

The effect is that they marry and either cheat on their spouses or don’t give them the love they need.

Dela’s ‘Let Me Go’ simply teaches that if you are in a love relationship and you feel that it is not working out, just let it go and move on.

Conclusion: I rate the song 72%.

Listen to ‘Let Me Go’ below:

By: Kwame Dadzie/


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