MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Bedianko’ by Dada Hafco


Song: Bedianko

Artiste: Dada Hafco ft. Paa Kwasi

Producer: A.T.O.

Author: Kwame Dadzie

Introduction: Dada Hafco is bent on producing quality highlife music and has this time, collaborated with former Dobble member Paa Kwasi on his new song ‘Bedianko.’

Instrumentation: Done in a fast-pace highlife vein, ‘Bedianko’ has many highlife elements and instruments like the castanet, horns, bells and rattle that set the tone for an awesome highlife product. The song was ably produced by A.T.O.

Vocal Performance: The vocal delivery is relatively impressive as the two singers blend with the different voice timbre. Unlike some of Dada Hafco’s songs on which he sounds like straining to hit certain high notes, his delivery on ‘Bedianko’ comes out relaxed and soothing. Paa Kwasi on the other hand has a lighter voice that makes it easy to hit quite high notes. That is one thing that brings out the beauty in this song.

Message: The message of the song is about how one gets stuck to their loved ones because of some good virtues of the lover.

It tells the story of how his lover got him stuck to loving her because she gave him love potion (not literally). As to what exactly has gotten him stuck to his lover, it is not clear but the imagery connotes sex; the singer may have gotten stuck to the woman because of sex.

It is not wrong to write or sing about sex but sex is not the only thing that binds lovers. Trust, affection, respect, patience, and the like are all important ingredient for a successful romantic relationship. So for the singer shadowsocks to be making reference to a particular thing (and not ‘things’) as what cements his love with his woman, while he uses sexual imagery, it is easy for any music lover to interpret ‘Dedianko’ as a sexually suggestive song.

This means ‘Bedianko’ is mature music for mature people who understand language and are able to decode deep lyrics.

Conclusion: Bedianko has gradually gained the attention it requires to make it a hit song. I rate it 80%.

Listen to ‘Bedianko’ by Dada Hafco featuring Paa Kwasi:

By: Kwame Dadzie/



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