I chewed moustache hair for 6 months – Ramsey Nouah on ’76 production

Friday 6th January , 2017 8:03 pm

Nigerian actor Ramsey Nouah has revealed that he had to wear the fake mustache, that his character in the movie ’76 had on, for six months.

According to the actor, one thing that he hated about the movie’s production, which lasted for a 6-month period, was that he chewed some of the hair from the fake mustache anytime that he ate.

“Some of my colleagues celebrated their birthdays during the production, others got married. We shot at a very Hollywood pace. We shot about three to five scenes a day. The annoying thing was the mustache; it was artificial and was actually glued [onto my face]. Every time I wanted to eat, I ate hair.”

Ramsey Nouah said this when he made an appearance on Citi FM’s Traffic Avenue.

He is currently in Ghana for the premier of the movie ’76. Showtimes are at 8pm and at 10pm at the Accra Mall. It will also show at 7pm and 9pm at the West Hills Mall.

The movie features him and some other great acts like Rita Dominic and Daniel K Daniel.

’76 is set six years after the Nigerian civil war. A young officer from the Middle Belt (Ramsey Noah) gets into a romantic relationship with an O-Level student from the South-eastern region (Rita Dominic). However, their relationship is strained by constant military postings. The soldier gets accused of being involved in the 976 unsuccessful military coup and assassination of General Murtala Mohammed, and the heavily pregnant wife, gets entangled in an emotional dilemma.